Modular Off-site Construction Company — India

We, at KEF Infra, are focused on improving the quality of life of people and communities around us, by fast pacing the development of infrastructure, especially for essential sectors such as healthcare and education.

Our goal is to build inclusive, honest and mutually beneficial relationships with our stakeholders — individuals and communities who are impacted by our business or who have the ability to impact our business.

A technological revolution so advanced that it will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and get things done.

Modular construction and building techniques are an excellent solution to meet the needs of all types of industries to deliver state-of-the-art, cost effective services in a timely manner. The ‘assemble rather than build’ solution brings about a paradigm shift in terms of infrastructure development, especially for units such as hospitals, hotels and homes.

Essentially the entire process of planning, designing and fabricating of building elements can happen in one place. Once completed the room units can simply be transported to the site and plugged into the structure.

The modular MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) effectively provides plug and play units for bathrooms, kitchens, hospital rooms, hotel rooms etc. It is emerging as a benchmark for quality construction.


The advantages of off-site construction- KEF Infra

Offsite manufacturing takes the building process away from the physical site and into a controlled factory environment. It is possible to manufacture more than 80% of a building offsite using our technology; entire building components such as columns, beams, hollow core slabs, wall panels, staircases, windows, doors, bathroom units and facades are manufactured in our factories, in a controlled setting before they are installed.

Given its assembly line and automated processes, offsite manufacturing can ensure time savings of up to 50% and cost savings of up to 30%. These savings come from the reduced need for preparatory work onsite, opportunities for clients to make quicker rental returns and reduced interest payments for investors.

Offsite manufacturing has several distinct advantages:

  1. Increase in efficiency and predictability.
  2. Optimal use of raw materials.
  3. Wastage of resources to a minimum.

As India rushes to climb the economic development trajectory, offsite construction & technology based manufacturing is here to stay. Get ready for Industry 4.0.

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