Modular Construction- The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Conventional construction needs to be challenged and all the downsides of this type of construction need to be addressed. Today’s constructions demand a better way to manage quality, reduce construction time, and avoid the obstacles and hindrances of onsite construction. Modular construction is becoming increasingly popular as it very effectively addresses all the concerns of traditional construction methods.

However, when implementing such type of constructions, our minds are crowded with a number of questions regarding quality, reliability and sustainability. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about modular construction:

How is modular construction different from conventional construction?
A conventional building is constructed onsite – from scratch. A modular building is constructed in a factory – under a highly controlled environment. Pre-fabricated structures are delivered onsite where they are ultimately assembled to complete the construction. These prefabricated structures are called modules. Since the site prep and production can happen simultaneously, the overall construction is faster too.

What are the benefits of modular construction?
As opposed to conventional construction, the modular method is faster and cheaper too. Typically it is observed that the modular method is 50% faster than the traditional means of construction. There is basically no delay while waiting for the foundation to be poured and the framing to go up – and then begin the construction. The buildings are up and running in half the time – with a superior quality.

Modular Construction

Are modular construction materials of a lower quality?
This is a common misconception! In fact, modular constructions are of a superior quality even though the materials used are cheaper and lighter in weight. The materials used are just as sturdy as in any other construction and hence durable and reliable too. The structures are actually designed with a higher level of precision and consistency is maintained too – because the production happens in a highly controlled environment.

Is modular construction more expensive?
Again this is one more misconception. A modular construction project is 10% to 20% less expensive than a conventional construction project. Well, the good part is that it can fit various budgets too.

How long does it take to complete a modular construction?
Once the modules have been delivered to the site, it’s just about the time that is required to assemble them. This makes modular construction more and easier and hence quick too. Depending on the complexity of the design and the size of the project – this type of construction can be completed within months.

Is there a size limit for modular construction?
Well, the simple answer is – no. The only regulations that you could require to check are the government regulations in that area. You can otherwise design your building as large as you want. The rules are same as those that are applied to traditional construction.

This type of construction is becoming increasingly popular and more and more infrastructure projects prefer prefabricated parts that are assembled onsite. They prefer the quality, reliability and the flexibility along with the adaptability that this type of construction offers.


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